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Come check out our fine jewelry - Mekong Delta Water Buffalo Horn, Aegean Coast Designer Silver Plated, and Fairy Chimney hand crocheted silk jewelry
  • Mekong Delta Collection - Water Buffalo Horn Mekong Delta Collection - Water Buffalo Horn
    Water buffalo are vital to the way of life of the people of Vietnam. In life they plow the rice paddies. When they die their horn is repurposed to fine jewelry. These finely crafted pieces evoke the mystery of the Orient and the class of the Riviera. Interesting designs are finely polished and dyed. They are made in villages that dot the Mekong River.
  • Fairy Chimney  Collection - Hand Crocheted Fairy Chimney Collection - Hand Crocheted
    Inspired by the fairyland look of Cappadocia these light lace crocheted jewelry create an intriguing look on you. Villager women gather in backyards and produce these beautiful hand crocheted jewelry while they share their stories and enjoy the sunset behind the fairy chimneys.
  • Aegean Coast Collection - Silver Plate Aegean Coast Collection - Silver Plate
    The jewelry designs of the old world are redefined in 21st century styling with silver plated pieces (no nickel nor lead content). They are made piece by piece to create stunning necklaces with matching earrings and bracelets at very affordable price points at the artist’s workshop in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Susa  Collection - Bronze Susa Collection - Bronze
    Named for Susa, the ancient town where copper was mixed with tin to create a new metal called “BRONZE” 5000 years ago. Bronze was used for casting tools as well as jewelry and the beautiful cup pictured on the cover. Our Susa collection is 21st century designs created with 6000 year old material using new techniques. Look at the statement that each piece makes – bold, interesting and innovative. These statement pieces will turn heads for sure.