As we go into yet another week of sheltering in place and keeping our stores closed, we are all looking for a ray of sun in our lives. We have always known that the change we want must start with ourselves. Brick and mortar stores are going to be shuttered for a while longer and no one can really predict the date when that will change. So looking at what we have today maybe there is a path forward. 


We all have inventory that we would like to move, we all have customers we would like to stay in touch with and we all have access to the web to reach them. Here is a checklist to get started.


1.     Find a reason to talk with your customers, like all of us they have been confined to their homes and have a lot of time on their hands. Despite that their interests have not changed, if they were into fashion before they have that interest. Look at some fashion trend or style that you could write about to them, ones that have photos preferably.

2.     Craft an email to them highlighting the trend or fashion, do not push with a heavy hand to buy, but share ideas, concepts and trends. Embed in the email a link to your website or a particular dress, necklace etc. on your site.

3.     Use your existing customer list to develop your audience. You can send emails for free on Mailchimp or for a nominal fee on Constant Contact.

4.     Look at your website and make it geared for the new world order – shop from home and have it shipped. Look at your terms and be sure they are shop from home friendly. What is your return policy? What do you charge for shipping? Can you add anything to the experience like a free pair of earrings with a purchase over a given amount. 

5.     In the email beside a call to action button, put a contact us button and ask them to share something – their favorite place to walk with a photo, the best book they have read lately etc. Tell them you will publish these on your website. It is a way of building community.


These are just some ideas to help in getting your internet presence to generate some sales and interest. Let me know what has been working for you and I will publish those with credit to you of course.